Transparency  is  extremely  important  to  us  and  In  2018  the  Scottish  Tea  Factory  was  commissioned  by  Tea  Gardens  of  Scotland  and Aberdeen  University  to  produce  over  20 batches  of  100%  Scottish  grown  teas.  These  teas  were  used  as  part  of  a  pilot  study, together  with  over  100  tea  samples  from  overseas,  that   used   ionomic  testing  as  a  way  to  prove  Scottish  provenance.  The  study  was  successful  and  the  Scottish  Tea  Factory  is  moving  forward  with  an  authenticity  scheme  for  Scottish  growers  in  2020.  We  aim  to  develop  a  “mark”  for  our  packaging  that  can  inform  and  reassure  consumers  that  the  tea  they  are  buying  is  genuinely Scottish.

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Scottish Tea Makers and places to buy or taste Scottish Grown Tea

Kinnettles Gold

Kinnettles Tea Garden

Kinnettles Gold Scottish black tea was launched in 2015 and is created by tea grower Susie Walker-Munro who started the Tea Gardens of Scotland group. On returning to Scotland after managing a tea estate in Sri Lanka, my first consultancy job was to help Susie develop and launch Kinnettles Gold onto the market.

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Buittle Tea

Buittle Tea Garden.

Charlie and Elma Ball are members of the Scottish Tea Factory. They produce small amounts of 100% Scottish Grown white tea at their tea garden in Dumfries and Galloway. 

Buittle Tea Garden

Broich Black Tea

Broich Tea Garden.

Broich  Tea  Garden  in  Crieff  is  currently  producing  small  batches  of  loose leaf tea  by hand at  the  Scottish  Tea  Factory  as  part  of  their  tea  development process.  It takes  6  years  for  tea  plants  to  fully  mature  in  Scotland  and  many  experiments  to  find  the  best  processing  methods. Broich  Tea  Garden  are  selling taster  samples  of  their  first  tea in  aid  of  Scotlands  charity   air  ambulance  (SCAA)

Broich Tea

Dornoch Tea

Hand rolled tea

Dornoch tea are currently conducting experiments at the Scottish Tea Factory and plan to release their first black tea in the autumn of 2020.