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The Scottish Tea Factory

A micro tea factory & tea garden - Tea Courses, tea tasting & blending



How it works

Membership is designed for Scottish tea growers. You can become a member of the Scottish Tea Factory to have access to tea processing facilities, discounts on courses and Consultancy services.

Membership fees are paid annually by 1st April. 

Email for full details


LEAF ANALYSIS - If you are a tea grower who wants to develop a new tea we can conduct experiments to work out the best processing methods to suit your leaf and terroir.

TEA MAKING - Rather than investing in your own equipment, have your tea made in the factory which is set up as a food processing facility.

TEA LEARNING - Learn about tea making, tea tasting and tea history on one of our accredited courses


Donald Fraser - The Basics of Artisan Black Tea Making - MASTERCLASS

“The perfect course for anyone wanting to learn how to make Black Tea. The essential course if you plan to sell your product”

I attended Beverly’s first course in the new Scottish Tea Factory, on the subject of making Black Tea. Anyone with a computer and access to Google can discover the stages to making tea, but Beverly puts the ‘flesh on the bones’. How long? What temperature? Is the humidity important? The equipment you will need is discussed, along with food hygiene, record keeping, traceability and the variables and parameters that you can change to create your own individual product. But the course is not just theoretical; we made our own tea, hand rolling, timing and checking (with Bev’s very close guidance!), each process through to the final drying and tasting of a genuine, single estate, Scottish Tea. As if that wasn’t enough, whilst we were waiting for our tea to oxidise and dry, we were given a practical tea tasting class as well. Six teas from around the globe were studied, ‘cupped’ and recorded to complete what was a very full day, giving us a vast armoury of new knowledge to try out on our own unsuspecting leaves.

The course includes a full set of course notes for future reference, many other useful documents such as templates for record keeping etc..

I thoroughly commend it!