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Tea Gardens of Scotland

Photo of Tea Gardens of Scotland tea planters plus a phot of a tea plant and a pot of black tea.

TGS  is  a  group  of  9  women  who  got  together  to  share  the  costs  of  propagating tea  seedlings  and  consultancy.  I  have  been  working  with  them  as  a  tea  consultant  since  2017.  Their  gardens  are  in  Fife,  Angus  and  Perthshere.  It  is  possible  to  visit  some  of  these  gardens  by  appointment.

Tea Gardens

Megginch Castle

Photo of Megginch Castle.

Megginch  offer  private  group  tours  of  the  Castle  and  gardens  with  a  tea  tasting  by  special  arrangement  only.  I  have   also  worked  with  Megginch  Castle to  create  bespoke breakfast  and  afternoon  tea blends.  If  you  are  interested  in  this  service  for  your  hotel  or  restaurant  please  contact the Scottish Tea Factory. 

Megginch Castle

Teasmith Gin

Teasmith Gin showing the “growers edition” bottle.

The  first  tea  produced  at  the  Scottish  Tea  Factory  on  behalf  of  Broich  Tea  Garden  in  Crieff was  used  as  one  of  the  botanicals  to  create  the  “growers  edition”  Broich  Single  Estate  limited  edition  Teasmith  gin.

Teasmith Gin

The U.K. Tea Academy

U.K. Tea Academy logo.

I have been a licensed trainer for the U.K. Tea Academy since January 2019. This is the only body in the U.K. running professional level, certified tea courses. I offer TEA CHAMPION courses at the Scottish Tea Factory.

U.K. Tea Academy

Dornoch Tea

Fresh Scottish grown tea leaves on the withering racks at the Scottish Tea Factory.

I  am working  on tea  experiments  at  the Scottish  Tea  Factory  with  Scottish tea garden, Dornoch  Tea  to  develop  their  first  black  tea.  The  tea  should  be  on  sale  in  the  autumn  of  2020.

Dornoch Tea

Mogok Tea

Mogok Tea Factory, Five Trees Estate, Myanmar. A group of factory workers are outside the factory.

I currently work with Mogok Tea, Five  Trees  Estate,  Myanmar to help set up their micro tea factory and develop new teas. This is a much needed initiative providing employment and also running community initiatives such as recycling and raising awareness of mental health issues. Website is coming soon.