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“Bev has incredible knowledge and experience in tea growing, tea making (ie withering, rolling, fixing, oxidising - all sorts of complex technical stuff, bespoke to the leaves), tea tasting and training. She’s amazing! Her Scottish Tea Factory is a remarkable venture. Also it’s a stunning building in a gorgeous location!  Highly recommend a visit for one of her courses.” Mary Macdonald

“Fantastic tea blending course on Saturday, a must for any tea lover. Bev is wonderful, knowledgeable and engaging.” Niamh Conlon

” The Basics of Artisan Black Tea Making - MASTERCLASS

“The perfect course for anyone wanting to learn how to make Black Tea. The essential course if you plan to sell your product” I attended Beverly’s first course in the new Scottish Tea Factory, on the subject of making Black Tea. Anyone with a computer and access to Google can discover the stages to making tea, but Beverly puts the ‘flesh on the bones’. How long? What temperature? Is the humidity important? ...I thoroughly commend it!” Donald Fraser



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The Scottish Tea Factory runs a variety of tea courses and experiences including professional level U.K. Tea Academy TEA CHAMPION courses.

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Tea Experiences and Courses


Tea Tasting Experience

Learn about different teas, how to taste like a pro and about the Scots who influenced our cuppa. We offer various tea tasting experiences and classes.


Tea Making Courses

How is tea made? Learn how to pluck in our demonstration garden and have a go at tea rolling. Only Available at certain times of year.


Tea Blending

Create a bespoke tea Blend for your wedding or as a gift for the one you love. Blending experiences make a unique gift experience for tea lovers.