Comrie, Perthshire GB


The Scottish Tea Factory

A micro tea factory & tea garden - Tea Courses, tea tasting & blending

Beverly Wainwright - Tea Consultancy Services


What I can offer

• Set up and development of new brands of tea for the international market.

• Tea estate and international tea tourism development. 

• Small-scale tea factory set up, equipment sourcing, training and development. 

• Tea field establishment, management, renewal and planting. 

• Development of new artisanal hand-made and small scale teas for the speciality tea market.

• Tea making training production procedures, hygeine and quality control management.

• Development of Tea Tours and Tea Experiences.

My experience

• AMBA ESTATE - 4 years tea estate management, development of new artisanal speciality teas for the international market, staff training and international tea tourism development.

• TEACRAFT Ltd. – 2 years – International Associate Consultancy work for clients including The Great Mississippi Tea co.

• TEA GARDENS OF SCOTLAND, UK – 2 years of ongoing consultancy work to date


• MONKEY-TAIL TEAS, Gammaduwa Bungalow, Sri Lanka - 2 years developing a new brand of black and green teas, sourcing equipment, setting up a micro factory, setting up production systems and procedures and training staff.

• DONYI POLO ESTATE – Assam India – short term consultancy to look at speciality tea production.

• THE SCOTTISH TEA FACTORY, UK - Owner and development of purpose built Scottish Tea Factory, equipment sourcing, set up and development of new Scottish grown teas for growers in Scotland. Speciality tea courses and training in tea making, blending and tasting.

• INDEPENDENT SCOTTISH GROWERS – various short term consultancy projects - The Isle of Arran Tea Co, Buittle Tea Garden and several more.


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